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The Oxford Debate: Is Physiology Dead?

This house believes that physiology as a separate discipline is no longer relevant to modern science and welcomes the disappearance of physiology departments in the UK.

Monday 11 July 2011
LT1 (University Museum of Natural History)

Proposing the motion: Maynard Case, Manchester, UK
Seconded by: Ian McGrath, Glasgow, UK
Opposing the motion: Giovanni Mann, London, UK
Seconded by: Richard Naftalin, London, UK
Moderated by: David Eisner, Manchester, UK
  Godfrey Smith, Glasgow, UK
Physiology 2011

Physiology is taught as a specific degree in fewer departments today than ever before. At the research level, few groups specialise solely (or even mainly!) in physiological measurements, frequently relying on "omic" methods instead. The purpose of this debate is to inform and stimulate Members’ thoughts about the future of physiology and The Society. 

Following initial speeches, the motion will be opened to general discussion.

Physiology 2011
16.30 Moderators’ welcome and introduction
Physiology 2011

Maynard Case, proposing the motion

Physiology 2011

Giovanni Mann, opposing the motion

Physiology 2011

Ian McGrath, proposing the motion

Physiology 2011

Richard Naftalin, opposing the motion

Physiology 2011

Questions and points from the floor

Physiology 2011

Audience votes and moderators declaration of winners

Physiology 2011
Physiology 2011
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