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Sharpey-Schafer Prize Lecture
Building a hair cell
Walter Marcotti (University of Sheffield, UK)
17.30 Monday 11 July
LT1 (University Museum of Natural History)
Walter Marcotti

Paton Prize Lecture
100th anniversary of the Anglo-American high altitude expedition to Pikes Peak
John West (University of California, San Diego, USA)
12.30 Tuesday 12 July
LT1 (University Museum of Natural History)

Followed by the presentation of the awards for the 2010 Experimental Physiology Early Author prize. Physiology 2011

John West
Annual Public Lecture of The Physiological Society
Light, Clocks and Sleep
Russell Foster (University of Oxford, UK)
18.00 Tuesday 12 July
The Sheldonian Theatre, Oxford, UK
Russell Foster
Annual Review Prize Lecture
Releasing the Brake on Plasticity: unexpected help from immune molecules
Carla Shatz (Stanford University, California, USA)
18.00 Wednesday 13 July
LT1 (University Museum of Natural History)
Carla Shatz*
Michael de Burgh Daly Prize Lecture
Regulation and functional significance of cardio-respiratory interactions in vertebrates
Tobias Wang (University of Aarhus, Denmark)
12.30 Thursday 14 July
LT1 (University Museum of Natural History)
Tobias Wang

* Image of Carla Shatz courtesy of Lee Abel

Physiology 2011
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