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Neural control of the circulation: Exercise

Human & Exercise Physiology Human & Exercise Physiology

Organised by Peter Raven, University of North Texas, Health Science Center at Fort Worth, USA
and David Paterson, University of Oxford, UK

Tuesday 12 July 2011
LT4 (Pharmacology lecture theatre)

The proposed symposium is planned as a 40 year celebration of Mitchell et al.'s fundamental investigation's that were published in JPhysiol in 1972. The symposium will identify the translational cellular and molecular neural mechanisms of afferent and efferent signaling, along with the central nervous system's mechanisms of integration. Invited speakers are recognized experts in the use of "in vivo" animal and human translational models.

Sponsored by Experimental Physiology
Experimental Physiology

Physiology 2011
Physiology 2011
Neural control of the circulation during exercise
  Jere H Mitchell, University of Texas, USA
Physiology 2011

Central command: feedforward control of sympathetic and parasympathetic outflows and the arterial baroreflex during spontaneous motor activity in animals

  Kanji Matsukawa, Hiroshima University, Japan
Physiology 2011

Identifying the neurocircuitry underpinning 'central command' during exercise in humans

  David Paterson, University of Oxford, UK
Physiology 2011

Role played by the ASIC and P2X receptors in evoking the exercise pressor reflex in animals

  Marc Kaufman, Penn State Milton S Hershey Medical Center, USA
Physiology 2011
10.30 Refreshments
Physiology 2011

Human investigations into the exercise pressor reflex in health and disease

  Niels H Secher, University of Copenhagen, Denmark
Physiology 2011

Human investigations into the arterial and cardiopulmonary baroreflex: Exercise

  Paul J Fadel, University of Missouri, USA
Physiology 2011
Physiology 2011
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