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Central and peripheral messengers of metabolism

Metabolism & Endocrinology Metabolism & Endocrinology

Organised by Willis Samson, Saint Louis University, USA

Wednesday 13 July 2011
LT3 (Large lecture theatre Sherrington Building)

The speakers will demonstrate how endocrine factors exert complementary actions to regulate glucose homeostasis, by describing the sites (the where) and cellular mechanisms of action (the how) of these factors, with particular attention to pancreatic factors recently described to exert potent actions in both brain (hypothalamus and brainstem) and pancreas.

Joint International Exchange Symposium with the American Physiological Society

Physiology 2011
Physiology 2011
08.45 Welcome and introduction by the organisers
Physiology 2011

Hypothalamic pathways regulating energy homeostasis

  Nina Balthasar, University of Bristol, UK
Physiology 2011

How peripheral satiety signals access and influence the brain

  Alastair V Ferguson, Queen's University, Kingston, Canada
Physiology 2011

Novel brain-islet modulators of glucose homeostasis

  Christian Broberger, Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, Sweden
Physiology 2011
10.30 Refreshments
Physiology 2011

The role of gut hormones in the control of body weight and energy homeostasis

  Rachel Batterham, University College London, UK
Physiology 2011

Coordinated signaling by endocrine factors in both hypothalamus and pancreas

  Willis K Samson, Saint Louis University, USA
Physiology 2011
Physiology 2011
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